Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Semi-finalists – BGT LIVE Semi-finals

ITV and STV’s most popular reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2022 (BGT) reached it’s LIVE Semi-finals with top 40 selected semi-finalists.

During the audition round of Britain’s Got Talent 2022, we saw many acts and talented performance of the interested contestants.

From them, 4 received the Golden Buzzer 🌟 who were directly sent to the LIVE Semi-finals while from the remaining acts, judges will select the 36 best semi-finalists.

All these Top 40 semi-finalists will perform another time showcasing their amazing talent to secure their place in the finals of BGT.

From tonight to next 5 days, each day 8 semi-finalists will be revealed who will be performing on LIVE Semi-final shows.

These contestants will compete with each other to get public votes as well as try to win judges save.

At the end of each day, based on the public votes, from the top 3, one highest voted act will move forward to the finals, while from the next 2 highest voted contestants, one more act will be advanced to the finals by Judges’ Choice.

Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Semi-finalists

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Sr no.Contestant NameActPerforming OnStatus
1Jamie LeaheyVentriloquismDay 1Runner-up
2Suzi WildStand-up ComedyDay 1Eliminated
3London Community Gospel ChoirSinging GroupDay 1Eliminated
4Born to Perform 🌟Dance GroupDay 1Eliminated
5Mel DaySingingDay 1Eliminated
6The WitchesHorrorDay 1Eliminated
7JunwooMagicianDay 1Eliminated
(Top 3)
8Maxwell ThorpeSingingDay 1Finalist
(Public Votes)
9T4ylor and Flintz 🌟Singing DuoDay 2Finalist
(Judges Votes)
10Voices of Armed Forces Children ChoirSinging GroupDay 2Eliminated
11Ben NicklessComedyDay 2Finalist
(Public Votes)
12Ryland PettyMagicianDay 2Eliminated
13Ranger ChrisDancing DinosaursDay 2Eliminated
14Andrew BassoEscape ActDay 2Eliminated
15Amber & The Dancing ColliesDog DanceDay 2Finalist
(Top 3)
16Dante MarvinComedyDay 2Eliminated
17Keiichi Iwasaki 🌟MagicianDay 3Eliminated
(Top 3)
18Les SanchoDance GroupDay 3Eliminated
19Tom BallSingingDay 33rd Place
20The FreaksAcrobaticsDay 3Eliminated
21The DotsSingingDay 3Eliminated
22Immi DavisSingingDay 3Eliminated
23Dane Bates CollectiveDance GroupDay 3Eliminated
24Eva AbleyComedyDay 3Finalist
(Judges Votes)
25Loren Allred 🌟SingingDay 4Finalist
(Public Votes)
26Titan the RobotComedyDay 4Eliminated
27The PhantomInvisible MagicianDay 4Eliminated
(Top 3)
28Mary PSingingDay 4Eliminated
295 Star BoysDance GroupDay 4Finalist
(Judges Votes)
30The Frontline SingersSinging GroupDay 4Eliminated
31Stefano PaoliniStand-up ComedyDay 4Eliminated
32Dame NationDance GroupDay 4Eliminated
33Axel Blake 🌟ComedyDay 5Winner 🏆
34Matricks IllusionIllusionDay 5Eliminated
35Scooter BoysScooter ActDay 5Eliminated
36Nick EdwardsSingingDay 5Eliminated
37Aneeshwar KunchalaPoetryDay 5Finalist
(Judges Votes)
38IMD LegionDance CrewDay 5Eliminated
39Brian & KrysstalComedyDay 5Eliminated
40Welsh of the West EndMusical Theatre GroupDay 5Eliminated
(Top 3)

**we will keep updating the above list

Golden Buzzer 🌟 – A contestant/act got the Golden Buzzer during audition round.

Semi-finalist – A contestant was advanced to the Semi-final rounds of Top 40.

Get ready to watch all these semi-finalists acts and also vote for them to enter in the finals of BGT.

The LIVE finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2022 is on Sunday, 5th June 2022.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Britain Got Talent 2022.

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