Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Elimination Today, Nominated Contestants Of The Week

Star Maa most popular reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 (2022) got a great start with all 21 contestants.

All these 21 contestants are giving their 100% efforts to win captaincy or to get safe from nominations and eliminations.

From the very first week, we are noticing the nomination process as well as the eliminations based on the public voting results.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 started on 7th September 2022 with our evergreen host Nagarjuna.

Check out below for Bigg Boss Telugu elimination news, nominated contestants of this week, house captain as well as the worst performer of the week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Nominated Contestants

For Week 15: For this week (17th-18th December 2022), the nominated contestants are Adi, Keerthi, Revanth, Rohit, Shrihan and Sri Satya.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Elimination News

On 18th December 2022, Revanth became the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 6. While Shrihan became the 1st runner-up of this season.

On 14th-15th December 2022, Sri Satya got eliminated from Bigg Boss house in mid-week eviction.

On 11th December 2022, Inaya got eliminated this week from Bigg Boss Telugu 6.

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Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1Adi ReddyYoutuber4th Place
2Bala AdityaActorEliminated
(13 November 2022)
3Arjun KalyanActorEliminated
(23 October 2022)
4Arohi RaoActressEliminated
(2 October 2022)
5Abhinaya SreeActressEliminated
(18 September 2022)
6Chalaki ChantiActorEliminated
(9 October 2022)
(4 December 2022)
8Geetu RoyalYoutuberEliminated
(6 November 2022)
9Inaya SultanaActressEliminated
(11 December 2022)
10Keerthi BhatTV Actress2nd Runner-up
11Rohit SahniActor5th Place
12Marina SahniActressEliminated
(20 November 2022)
13Shani SalmonActorEliminated
(17 September 2022)
14Neha ChowdaryTV AnchorEliminated
(25 September 2022)
15RevanthSingerWinner 🏆
16Sri SatyaActressEliminated
(15 December 2022)
17ShrihanActor1st Runner-up
18Sudeepa PinkyTV ActressEliminated
(16 October 2022)
19RJ SuryaRadio JockeyEliminated
(30 October 2022)
20Raja ShekarModelEliminated
(27 November 2022)
21Vasanthi KrishnanActressEliminated
(13 November 2022)

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Worst Performer

On 13th November 2022, Inaya was declared as the Worst Performer of this week.

On 30th October 2022, Aditya was declared as the Worst Performer of this week.

On 23rd October 2022, Vasanthi was declared as the Worst Performer of this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 House Captain

The last captain of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house was Inaya.

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48 Replies to “Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Elimination Today, Nominated Contestants Of The Week”

  1. Revanth is too eda ment fellow. He is selfish. He is playing group. He cannot digest a defeat. He will not accept his mistakes. He is targetting Adireddy, KEERTHI, faima. Ofcourse Faima is not that much strong contestant.

  2. The top 5 should b aadi,inaya,rohit faima and keerti..the worst housemates r revanth,srihan and satya…plz dont give trophy to these 3 r else v think that this is fake show.plz keep it real.plz

  3. One of the disgusting and ruthless, pointless eliminations in whole 6 seasons.Geetu is always been a fighter and she deserves to be in top 5.

    THE WORST ELIMINATION, should take her back.

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