Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Winner Prediction – Top 3 Finalists

Vijay TV’s most popular reality show Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 (2022-2023) reached it’s finale week with top 6 finalists.

Last week, from 7 contestants we saw ADK got eliminated from Bigg Boss house and we got top 6.

Now this week, Bigg Boss introduce a twist of Cash Prize eviction were one of them can leave the show with that suitcase.

At the end, Kathirravan took the briefcase loaded with Rs. 3 lakh cash and walked-out from Bigg Boss 6 Tamil.

Later on, Amudhavanan also walked-out from the show after taking Rs. 13 lakhs cash leaving top 4 finalists for the finale.

Now these top 4 finalists will compete at the grand finale of BB Tamil and one will become the winner of this season.

Check out below for all the top 6 finalists names as well as our winner prediction.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
(with Cash Prize)
2Shivin GanesanModel2nd Runner-up
3Vikraman RPolitician1st Runner-up
4Mohammed AzeemActorWinner 🏆
5Myna NandhiniActressEliminated
(20 January 2023)
(with Cash Prize)

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Winner Prediction

Looking at the entire journey and fan following, as per our prediction Vikraman or Azeem might become the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Poll

Below is the unofficial poll of Bigg Boss Tamil 6. Let’s see who becomes the winner.

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34 Replies to “Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Winner Prediction – Top 3 Finalists”

  1. Azeem is the title winner because the most number of votes he has than others
    Shivin took the money box
    Vikraman is acting fake and targets azeem and doesn’t like him from day 1 nominated him most of the times not deserve him to win

  2. Vikraman, Shivin, Azeem are running neck to neck for finalists position… obviously. Vikraman shows a completely a positive approach, well played, Azeem plays the with a completely negative approach. It’s up to Vijay TV to support the approach it wants to project to the audience!! 😅Shivin has been consistent, intelligent….my vote for Vikraman or Shivin. I dislike negativity

  3. Vikram man or shivan should win the title. They are deserve for the tile. Azeem suppose to not to come to final 2. Because Azeem is a person and he is example for good human being. He use unwanted use with other contestant. If he win then big boss is worthless.

    • For your kind information shivin already took the money box and i hate vikraman from day 1 he targets azeem and if you see the votes azeem is leading and he is the winner if vikraman wins then the show is scripted and his votes are done by politicians 😡

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