Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination, Nominated Contestants of the Week

Vijay TV’s favourite reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 5 (பிக்பாஸ் 2021) got a great start to this new season with their top 18 contestants.

All these 18 contestants will give their full efforts to stay in this house and be safe from the nominations.

From this week, from the nominated contestants, 1 or 2 contestants will get eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house.

During this entire journey, we might see some wildcard entries who will join this competition later on.

Check out below for all the nominated contestants of this week as well as all the eliminated contestants names.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Nominations

For Week 15: The nominated contestants for this grand finale week (15th-16th January 2022) are Niroop, Pavni, Priyanka, Raju and Amir. Let’s see who becomes the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination News

On 16th January 2022, Raju was declared as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 while Priyanka Deshpande as 1st runner-up. Pavni Reddy was 2nd runner-up followed by Amir and Niroop as 3rd and 4th runner-ups respectively.

On 9th January 2022, Thamarai Selvi became the last contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil house.

On 6th January 2022, Ciby took ₹12 Lakh Briefcase and got eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

On 2nd January 2022, Sanjeev Venkat got eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

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Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1Madhumita SarcarCostume DesignerEliminated
(14th November 2021)
2Gana IsaivaniSingerEliminated
(21st November 2021)
3Raju JeyamohanActorWinner 🏆
4Akshara ReddyModelEliminated
(26th December 2021)
5Pavani ReddyActress / Model2nd Runner-up
6Ciby ChandranActorEliminated
₹12 Lakh Briefcase
(6th January 2022)
7Abhishek RaajaVJ / ReviewerRe-eliminated
(5th December 2021)
8Shruthi JayadevanModelEliminated
(7th November 2021)
9Chinna PonnuSingerEliminated
(31st October 2021)
10Iykki BerrySingerEliminated
(28th November 2021)
11Thamarai SelviActressEliminated
(9th January 2022)
12Niroop NandkumarActor4th Runner-up
13Priyanka Deshpande Host1st Runner-up
(26th December 2021)
15Nadia ChangVideo CreatorEliminated
(17th October 2021)
16Imman AnnachiActorEliminated
(12th December 2021)
17Abhinay VaddiActorEliminated
(19th December 2021)
18Namitha MarimuthuActressWalked
(Medical Reason)
19Sanjeev VenkatActorEliminated
(2nd January 2022)
20AmirChoreographer3rd Runner-up
(Ticket to Finale)

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Captain Of This Week

The new captain of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house is Thamarai.

You can save your favorite nominated contestants by voting them on the given numbers or by the other voting methods.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

76 Replies to “Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination, Nominated Contestants of the Week”

  1. Niroop should be sent out of big boss . He is very selfish person. He replicate the same what Priyanka does and he speak the same format copy cat . He don’t have his own thought of speaking .
    He is not fit to be in big boss and he was very rude to Priyanka when he spoke in weeks back . She supported him in many ways. He plays very well from whom he can be with and escape from nomination . He is a number 1 drama person.

  2. Priyanka is too good. Pls vote for her.
    Thamarai is not at all worth for this show. She is useless.
    Akshara is another worst lady.
    Raju doesn’t play at all. What is the use of being there.He is playing safe game.
    Everybody is cornering priyanka which we don’t like. Actually priyanka is best one who is much worth for this game.

    • Priyanka does not deserve support since she gets favor from Vijay TV. Infact Vijay TV is supporting Priyanka since she works for Vijay TV. This us evident from coverage she receives every day. She only blames Raju and others but dies not back it up with examples. She only talks loud and wanted to show that she is above all.

      • The true face of priyanka revealed in big boss. Sometimes I feel she react as soorpanahai when people not adjusting with her. This character will gives always failure to her.

    • At start of the show she was fantastic I liked her much, her participations. As days went by she became the worst lady. Liar, dishonest and possessing all bad characters which a woman should not have. She is a popular lady hence she is a top contestant.

      Raju is good but the only reason people may not like him is because he likes and support Priyanka though at the back of him Priyanka does all works against him. Either he is fool or too intelligent to corner her votes too.

      • She is not innocence..but very typical lady..cunning..pretender..she is not a strong contender but super pretender..must kick her out..wat is her calibre…she is not drama or cine actor..nor celeberaty..after all theru koothu kari..ennumo periya celebetaty mari adura…poikari..muthala kannir vadikira…nandri kettaval..

    • In fact she is the original culprit in the house. She should go out first. Using her power and behaving as such Vijay tv is owned by her.

    • Well said as for Priyanka concerned.
      Raju playing safe game which is what we want as for BB is for.
      Look he is playing safely, gentleman game,humble,no exploitation,overall everyone respect him a lot coz of his simplicity and been calm with out any arrogance and any kind of bad attitude.
      We all want Raju or Sanjeev.

  3. My understanding so far been explained below:

    Akshara’s PR team is very strong. Most of the online channels support her. Can anyone tell what good things she did in this show so far? Nothing right. Varun is an in-house supporter for akshara by understanding all this facts outside setup. Thus Varun gives full support to Akshara (Varun>Akshara).

    Prianka is giving good and valuable content for the show at least.
    The whole house is targeting Prianka, Pavani, Abhishek & Amir. Whereas Raju influencing Iman as a support to stay in the house. Off course Raju has some stuff and he is doing that successfully. By understanding it Lotus is doing all house job for him like a servant just for survive in the house. (Raju>ImanRaju>IMANAkshara>Lotus>Raju>IMAN<Niroop

    (Sanjeev trying to take a diplomatic stand for survival)

    What ever happens PRIANKA is number one and she is always superb.
    Thank you.

    • Pavni is worst and she should have eliminated long back just before imam annachi.
      Surprise she is still in the house of no use.
      Worst competitor and don’t know the seriousness and thinking people watching are fools to see her attitude.
      She must get eliminated with immediate effect or on today.

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