Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ticket to Finale Winner, Points Table, Prediction

Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil 4 (2020) is very near to its finale episode with Ticket to Finale winner and the other finalists.

From this week i.e. 4th Jan 2021 we are seeing a Ticket to Finale tasks in the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

All the 7 remaining contestants participates and scores some points in all the tasks of Ticket to Finale.

Finally, a contestant with maximum points will win the Ticket to Finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 as well as he/she will be safe from this weekend’s last elimination of the season.

All the tasks that were carried out were (1) Balloon With Water Task, (2) Block Above Head Task, (3) Bigg Boss Tag Task, (4) Song Identifying Task, (5) Ball In Circular Path Task, (6) Advising Task, (7) Ball in Hoola Hoop Task, (8) Nameplate Task, (9) Holding on to Rope Task.

Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to Finale Points Table

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Sr No.Contestant NameTask (1)Task (2)Task (3)Task (4)Task (5)Task (6)Task (7)Task (8)Task (9)Total Points

Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to Finale Winner

Som Shekar scored maximum points at end of all the tasks and became the winner of the Ticket to Finale and the first finalist of the Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

Later Aari was declared as the safe contestant and a 2nd finalists of Bigg Boss.

Unofficial Poll Results:

Now it would be really interesting to see who will win the Ticket to Finale.

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