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Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Finalists, Winner Prediction – Vote

Star Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 reached to its final week with the top 6 finalists.

In this entire week we saw a Ticket To Finale tasks between all the housemates. At the end of all this tasks, Som Shekar became the first finalist of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 by winning the Ticket to Finale.

After this last elimination, the contestants who reached to the finals are Som, Aari, Gabriella, Ramya, Rio, and Balaji.

As per the sources, we might see a mid-week eviction may be on Wednesday or Thursday. We will get our last 5 contestants.

Now on 17th Jan 2021, we will see a Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Tamil with the top 5 finalists. Now it would be interesting to see who will win this epic title.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
2Gabriella CharltonWalked out
(Rs. 5 Lakh)
3Ramya PandianEvicted
4Aari ArjunanWinner
5Rio RajEvicted
6Balaji Murugadoss1st Runner-up

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Poll – Unofficial

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Winner Prediction

Below is our prediction after seeing fans response and unofficial polls: 👇👇👇

The winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 will be Aari, 1st runner-up will be Balaji, 2nd runner-up might be Rio Raj. Ramya will be the 3rd runner-up and the 4th runner-up will be Somshekar.

**For the confirmed results, we just have to wait till the official results are not declared.

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16 Replies to “Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Finalists, Winner Prediction – Vote”

  1. Aari is deserved to be a Title Winner and everyone’s wish is also same. He is strong and tough contestant and stays in all people’s heart.

    • Yes aari brother is the title winner and he is very justice and truthful men in home and no one can be like him. Archana is very fake and she is forming a group with rio soam gabi and nisha. . And ramya is also fake woman . Aari brother all the best 👍

  2. Ramya is the potential winner of the show. She gives a whole package to the show be it entertainment, tasks, moral support, happiness within the housemates, genuine, competitive, values. She carried herself well through out the show and projected her personality as likeable and approachable.

  3. Ari has used every situation,whether favourable or unfavorable to promote himself. He has exploited the weaknesses of others and projected them to the viewers as unfit for the title. Sometimes he is too good to be true. You need to see through him.

  4. I am so proud of Aari, he is such a gentleman and he is a excellent sportsmen. I wish u all the best for ur bright future, and be happy with ur lovely wife and cute daughter 👍😘

    • I don’t know about him outside of big boss house. But what I’m seeing if you want a to market yourself he should do motivate or encourage, but he use to do criticism of other rather than promoting himself. Best example is finale points table, he stays at bottom of the table. He fails to prove him as a entertainer or good sportsmanship. He use make quarrels with everyone rather than try to convince to play fair game.

      • Out of 10 tasks 2 tasks was created to brand a person, for this rest of the folks other than Aari don’t have any honesty, in remaining 8 tasks rules were not followed correctly by people like Bala, Rio, Som (Good for nothing fellows except for gossiping and back stabbing). Even Big boss team didn’t followed the rules in last tasks. Aari is not 100% perfect but true to conscious he is 100% right with morals which other people lack especially Ramya the worst human being don’t deserved to be even called as contestants

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