Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu Elimination Today – BB Telugu 2022

Bigg Boss Telugu started it’s 1st OTT season as Bigg Boss Non-Stop (2022) with awesome contestants.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu started this season on 26th February 2022 with host Nagarjuna.

At the premiere, we saw 17 new and old contestants entered in the house as Warriors and Challengers.

From the very first week, we are watching the nominations as well as the eliminations based on the public voting results.

Check out below for Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination news, Nominated contestants of this week, House captain as well as the Best and Worst performers of the week.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Nominated Contestants

For Week 12: For the final week (21st-22nd May 2022), all the fop 7 finalists are nominated. Let’s see who becomes the winner of BB Non-Stop.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination News

On 21st May 2022, Bindu was declared as the winner of Bigg Boss Non-Stop. Akhil Sarthak ended the journey as 1st runner-up. While Ariyana took ₹10 lacs briefcase and walked-out from the show.

On 15th May 2022, Nataraj Master got eliminated this week from Bigg Boss Non-Stop.

On 8th May 2022, Ashu Reddy got eliminated from Bigg Boss Non-Stop.

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Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionPast SeasonStatus
1Ashu ReddyFilm actressSeason 3Eliminated
(8 May 2022)
2Mahesh VittaFilm actorSeason 3Eliminated
(17 April 2022)
3Mumaith KhanFilm actressSeason 1Re-eliminated
(10 April 2022)
4Ariyana GloryTV hostSeason 4Walked out
(₹10 lacs)
5Nataraj MasterChoreographerSeason 5Eliminated
(15 May 2022)
6Tejaswi MadivadaFilm actressSeason 2Eliminated
(3 April 2022)
7Hamida KhatoonFilm actressSeason 5Eliminated
(1 May 2022)
8Sarayu RoyYouTuberSeason 5Eliminated
(27 March 2022)
9Akhil SarthakTV actorSeason 41st Runner-up
10Ajay KumarFilm actorN/AEliminated
(24 April 2022)
11Sravanthi ChokarapuFilm actressN/AEliminated
(10 April 2022)
12RJ ChaituRadio jockeyN/AEliminated
(20 March 2022)
13Shree RapakaFilm actressN/AEliminated
(13 March 2022)
14Anil RathodFashion ModelN/A7th Place
15ShivaAnchorN/A2nd Runner-up
16Mitraaw SharmaFilm actressN/A5th Place
17Bindu MadhaviFilm actressN/AWinner 🏆
18Baba BhaskarChoreographerSeason 36th Place

Bigg Boss Best/Worst Performer

On 24th April 2022, Hamida was declared as the Best Performer and Mithraaw as the Worst Performer.

On 17th April 2022, Ashu was declared as the Best Performer and Mithraaw as the Worst Performer.

On 10th April 2022, Ariyana was declared as the Best Performer and Bindu as the Worst Performer.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Captain

The last captain of Bigg Boss Non-Stop house was Baba Bhaskar.

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