Bigg Boss 14 Ticket to Finale Winner | Bigg Boss 2020

Colors TV’s Bigg Boss season 14 (Bigg Boss 2020) is very near to its grand finale episode with Ticket to Finale winner and the remaining finalists.

From 10th February 2021, we will see the Ticket to Finale task where the remaining 6 contestants i.e. Rakhi, Devoleena, Rubina, Rahul, Aly, and Nikki will compete to win this direct entry.

In this season, we will also see connections of all the contestants will participate in this Ticket to Finale task.

FINALE TASK DETAILS: All the contestants will be inside a stables that contains many sacks. The contestant will have to mark the stamp of their name on that sacks and pass it over to their respective supporter. The supporters will collect all this sacks in their barrel.

Finally, a contestant with maximum number of sacks of his/her name in the barrel will win the Ticket to Finale of Bigg Boss 14 as well as he/she will be safe from this weekend’s last elimination of the season.

Bigg Boss 14 Ticket To Finale Updates

On the very first day, the contestants who got out from the Ticket To Finale race are Devoleena, Rakhi, and Nikki. And the remaining 3 contenders Rubina, Aly, and Rahul were still in the game.

On the next day of Ticket to Finale task, there was a cut-throat competition between the 3. Only Nikki, Jaan, and Jyoti supported Rubina while rest of the house was with Aly and Rahul.

And at the end, Rubina won the task and declared as the winner of Ticket to Finale.

There was a heated argument between Paras, Aly, and Rahul Vaidya as Paras made some wrong decision in this task by which Rubina won it.

Later on, there was a twist in results as Rubina got punishment and nominated for the entire season, so Bigg Boss gave Rubina a choice to choose a contestant whom she wants to save from this week’s elimination and send to the finale week. She chose Nikki Tamboli.

Bigg Boss 14 Ticket to Finale Winner

Rubina Dilaik won the Ticket To Finale of Bigg Boss 14. But as we know she was nominated for the entire season, So she saved Nikki. The first finalist of Bigg Boss 14 is Nikki Tamboli.

Unofficial Poll:

Now it would be really interesting to see who will win the Ticket to Finale.

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