Big Brother Australia 2021 Contestants

Channel 7 is back with Big Brother Australia (BB AU) season 13 for the year 2021 with most exciting contestants.

Big Brother Australia is an reality show where the strangers live in a house together with no communication with the outside world to win $250,000.

The Big Brother AU 2021 is hosted and presented by Sonia Kruger.

Big Brother Australia 2021 premiered on Monday, April 26 2021 on Channel 7.

Check out below for the contestants names, age, profession, etc.

Big Brother Australia 2021 Contestants

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Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionAgeStatus
1Sarah JaneAuthor65Runner-up
2Daniel HayesManaging Director48Evicted
(23rd June 2021)
3Marley BiyendoloBasketball Player26Winner
4Christina PodolyanFlight Attendant22Runner-up
5Ari KimberStudent22Evicted
(28th June 2021)
6Katie WilliamsAthlete27Evicted
(12th May 2021)
7LillianTV Host / DJ26Evicted
(27th April 2021)
8Melissa McGormanSheep Farmer33Evicted
(11th May 2021)
9Christopher WayneMagician37Evicted
(3rd May 2021)
10Carlos CharlieBlogger39Evicted
(5th May 2021)
(16th June 2021)
12Nicholas Benton
(10th May 2021)
13Mary KalaHome Cook55Evicted (7th June 2021)
14Sid PattniVisual Artist34Evicted
(22nd June 2021)
15RenataFlight Attendant44Evicted
(28th April 2021)
16Mitchell SpencerAnimator26Evicted
(9th May 2021)
17Michael BrownMarketing Consultant29Evicted
(2nd May 2021)
18Max BeattieSurfer29Evicted
(26th April 2021)
19Jess TrendFootball Player29Evicted
(1st June 2021)
20Charlotte HallStylist24Evicted
(19th May 2021)
21Adriana FernandezFashion Stylist53Evicted
(21st June 2021)
22Alex McCristalNursing Student25Evicted
(19th May 2021)
23Brenton BalickiChef / Account Manager31Evicted
(31st May 2021)
24Charlotte McCristalDental Nurse25Evicted (8th June 2021)
25Gabe CristeTraveller27Walked out
(19th May 2021)
26Mitch GilesFIFO Worker26Evicted
(26th May 2021)

**we will keep updating the contestants list

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8 Replies to “Big Brother Australia 2021 Contestants”

  1. Sarah Jane is not the player everyone thinks she is. Personally I don’t think she deserves to get to the podium. She was voted out so many times, and you at channel 7 bought her back because of age…I’m 54 and seriously I would not keep playing the age card. It’s ageism at its worst. Daniel saved everyone, he should be there instead.

    • I agree with you about SJ. She floated the whole game, imo. I so wanted Danny to win. He strategized so well and played so hard. He wanted to be challenged by the other hard players. Surprisingly, he turned out to be quite humble. He was able to laugh at his self.

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