Beyhadh 2: MJ doubts that somebody is behind their sons

Beyhadh 2: MJ doubts that somebody is behind their sons

In the upcoming story of Beyhadh 2, viewers will see a high voltage drama where Rishi-Rudra’s father MJ doubts that somebody is trying to harm their sons.

So far we have seen Maya’s changed avatar from obsession for love to obsession for revenge.

This changed Maya is on a mission to take revenge from Mrityunjay Roy (MJ) by targeting his family.

Maya executes her evil plan by playing a love game with MJ’s young on Rishi while she also plays a hurt game with MJ’s elder son Rudra.

Rishi is hurt by falling in love with Maya and Rudra was also attacked by her, but they don’t know Maya’s evil plan.

MJ notices that Rishi-Rudra are in danger

On the other hand, MJ is disturbed by the incidents that happened with his sons as Rishi falls into the water and Rudra was attacked in fencing practice.

This makes MJ’s doubt stronger that somebody is trying to kill Rishi and Rudra.

Now it would be more interesting to see whether MJ will find the real face behind all this incident or not.

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