Beyhadh 2: Maya's fake love to take revenge from MJ

Beyhadh 2: Maya’s fake love to take revenge from MJ

In the upcoming story of Beyhadh 2, viewers will see a great melodrama with Maya’s revengeful avatar.

Beyhadh 2 is going air from 2nd Dec. 2019 where Maya is showcased more dangerous than of season 1.

In the first season, Maya was obsessed with Love while in this season Maya is more obsessed to take revenge from MJ (aka. Mrityunjay Roy).

It seems like, MJ has ruined Maya’s life and for this Maya is behind him and will destroy all his happiness.

MJ is a popular business tycoon who is happy with his life. He has an entire family which includes his two sons Rudra Roy and Rishi Roy.

Maya’s love game with Rudra and Rishi

So to take her revenge, Maya will attack MJ’s family whom he loves most.

Maya will play a love trap with Rishi where he fall in love with Maya at first sight.

Whereas Rudra is concerned, he is strong and initially will hate Maya but in the end, he will also fall in the trap.

MJ is unaware of Maya’s revenge plan.

Now it would be interesting to see whether MJ will learn all this or not.

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