BCHD Spoiler: Yuvan goes Berserk Attacks Banni for Hurting Manini

BCHD Spoiler: Yuvan goes berserk, Attacks Banni for hurting Manini

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery is all set for intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in the upcoming track.

What have we witnessed? We have seen that Banni injures herself while saving Yuvan. Even though the injury is mild Yuvan blames himself.

Manini gets furious at Viraj and Charmi for falling into Banni’s trap because of which she had to confess the truth to Banni.

They apologize to her while Viraj scolds Charmi. Yuvan apologises to Banni while she asks him the reason for him facing his greatest phobia of heights.

Yuvan tells her that Manini has asked him to do so to get applauded by her. Banni gets furious and tells the entire truth to Devraj who gets furious.

However Banni stops him from confronting her. Manini enjoys the state of both Devraj and Banni.

She calls Yuvan there and tells him that she is his Mother. She says that she is trapped in a different body and asks him to tell the truth to Banni.

She then asks him to make Devraj bless her while he warns her. However having no other choice Banni accepts her while Devraj blesses her.

Banni’s Plan Backfires

Devraj calls her name loudly as she asks him to do 101circumambulations of the Holy Basil. Devraj questions her intentions to which she tells him that she will tell him when the right time comes.

She tells him he will be shocked. Banni tells Yuvan to make everyone circumambulate for her to get well soon while she promises double the pain for Manini.

Planning takes an interesting turn when Banni decides to make Yuvan realise that Manini is not his Mother. She asks him to ask Manini to make Ghewar for her.

Manini gets shocked as Yuvan asks her. Banni smirks as it will take time and in that time he will realise the truth.

Unfortunately Banni’s plan backfires as Manini hurts herself by burning herself while cooking and blames Banni for it. Yuvan goes berserk knowing it and attacks Banni for hurting his Mother.

How will Banni calm Yuvan down?

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