BCHD Spoiler: Yuvan gets Manipulated, Humiliates Banni

BCHD Spoiler: Yuvan gets Manipulated, Humiliates Banni

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery(BCHD) is going to witness intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in upcoming episodes.

What have we witnessed? We have seen that Banni tells Yuvan that she wants him to sing for her along with his Mother.

Manini talks on the call where she gets to know that Pratik needs to be treated as soon as possible. She is asked to reach as soon as possible.

Yuvan stops Manini from leaving and tells her that Banni wants them both to sing for her. She tells him that she has a sore throat.

Banni says that she was good a while back. Alpana wonders what Banni is upto. Manini takes Yuvan to the side and tells him that Banni is testing her as she thinks that she isn’t his Mother and sheds tears.

Yuvan goes into Shock

Banni comes there and asks what really happened. Manini says that she isn’t his Mother and leaves from there. Yuvan asks Banni why she is testing his Mother and sheds tears. He follows Manini.

Manini gets into the car after pushing Yuvan where the dogs attack him. But Banni helps him and asks him to realise that she isn’t his Mother.

Yuvan gets admitted in the Hospital where his eyes are open and he isn’t closing them.

The Doctor tells Banni that he should come out of the shock or else he won’t be able to. Manini comes there and tells Banni that she has snatched his Mother.

She brings Yuvan back. She manipulates him against Banni. Yuvan and Banni bring The Lord Ganesha Home.

Unfortunately Yuvan who was manipulated by Manini, pushes away Banni and warns her to stay away humiliating her.

What will Banni do?

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