BCHD Spoiler: Manini Pushes Yuvan, falls into the Dogs Den

BCHD Spoiler: Manini Pushes Yuvan, falls into the Dogs Den

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) is all set for intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in the upcoming story.

What have we witnessed? We have seen that Banni tells Yuvan to decide whether Manini is his Mother Vandana.

Yuvan tells her that Manini is his Mother and her hand is injured because of which they had to hire a Chef. Banni gets upset and leaves from there while Yuvan consoles her.

The other day, Yuvan tells Banni that he has sent the tiffin boxes as today is her birthday making her smile.

Yuvan gives her a 20k cheque telling her about the school contract. Charmi who has come there sees the cheque after wishing her for her birthday.

She asks Viraj to ask Manini about Krishnagad contract as they deserve it after everything they have gone through.

Yuvan asks Myra to bring a dress which he gifts to Banni. She gets shocked seeing the short dress while Alpana mocks them saying she won’t be wearing it as they don’t share such a Relationship.

Devraj Blesses Banni

Viraj on the other hand along with Charmi decides to turn the day into the worst one for Banni.

Banni shocks everyone as she comes to the party wearing the dress Yuvan has gifted her. He asks her to smile.

Devraj blesses Banni while Manini takes her aside and mocks her saying that she never knew about her this side. Banni tells her that she taught her to surprise people.

Banni panics as she gets a call from the doctor wondering whether her brother has gotten into any kind of trouble.

Yuvan runs to Manini who is getting into her car while she pushes him making him fall while he gets shocked seeing the dogs. The dogs attack Yuvan putting him in grave danger.

How will Banni save Yuvan?

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