BCHD: Spoiler! Double the Trouble for Manini Devraj supports

BCHD Spoiler: Double the Trouble for Manini, Devraj supports

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery is all set for intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in the upcoming story.

What have we witnessed? We have seen that Banni plans with Vishnu to make Viraj confess the truth of Manini becoming the Mother of Yuvan all of a sudden.

After sending them into the dressing room impersonating herself as the Jeweller, she steals their clothes. She blackmails them to telling the truth.

However Manini herself comes there looking all like Vandana wearing clothes just like her. She mocks Banni giving her a glass of water.

Banni gets shocked as she tells her how she has manipulated Yuvan into thinking that she is his Mother by making the good use of graphics.

As Banni tells her that she will tell the truth to Yuvan after shaming her for using a child, Manini tells her about Yuvan climbing the Human Pyramid just because she has asked him to.

Banni Cheers for Yuvan

Banni gets worried for Yuvan but cheers for him to give him the much needed strength so he doesn’t end up falling down.

As he successfully breaks the pot, unfortunately he falls down from the Human Pyramind. But Banni ends up getting hurt as she steps forward to save him.

As Expected, Manini yet again decides to trouble Banni and asks Yuvan to do 101 circumambulations of Holy Basil.

Banni decides to trouble Manini using the chance in favour hence she tells Yuvan that she can be fine only after everyone does it just like him.

Everyone starts to circumambulate while Banni promises Manini that she will give her double the pain.

What will Manini do? How will Banni expose Manini?

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