Banni Chow Home Delivery: Yuvan climbs the Human Pyramid

Banni Chow Home Delivery: Yuvan climbs the Human Pyramid

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) is all set for intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in the upcoming story.

The Jeweller tells Viraj and Charmi that they want them in a traditional look for promotions to which they readily agree. Vishnu informs Banni.

As Viraj and Charmi ask for the clothes, Vishnu and Banni tell them in changed voice that they are going to bring it and takes their clothes as well citing unavailable space as the reason.

On the other hand Yuvan tells Manini that he is going to clap for Banni to which she asks him to make her clap for him and tells something in his ears.

Meanwhile Viraj and Charmi shout for clothes to which Banni threatens to reveal their naked form in front of others if they doesn’t tell her what actually happened in the Planetarium.

Manini tells Banni the Truth

When Charmi asks her to think as a woman, Banni tells her that she respect women but if she wouldn’t have stolen her clothes then she would have helped Viraj.

Palak cries as her science project is in three days and she doesn’t know how to be on top within such short span of time. Vishnu asks her to use clay surprising them. Myra praises his intelligence.

Charmi tells Banni that she can’t let her husband be humiliated and tells her that the truth is in Viraj’s phone. She tells her the password.

As Banni goes through his phone, Manini comes there and snatches it from her. She gives her a glass of water telling her it is important for her to listen to the truth.

Banni throws the glass and asks her to tell the truth. Manini reveals to her as to how she has used graphics to manipulate Yuvan into thinking her to be his Mother. She tells her that she became Mother in just five minutes.

Banni tells Manini that she will expose her to which Manini asks her to stop Yuvan for the time being as he is climbing human Pyramid because she has asked him. Banni gets worried.

What more drama is awaiting the audience?

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