Banni Chow Home Delivery: Yuvan calls Manini Mother

Banni Chow Home Delivery: Yuvan calls Manini Mother

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery is going to witness intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in upcoming episodes.

Banni asks Yuvan as to why he didn’t tell her about the promise she made to Vandana.

Yuvan tells her that she is a new bride hence he don’t want to trouble her. She tells him that they are one hence their sadness and happiness is also one.

He agrees and notices her wounds hence he applies ointment to her. He apologises to her and calls himself a bad husband to which she tells him that he is a good husband.

He tells her that everyone is going to laugh at her. Banni remember how Charmi and Viraj made fun of them hence she decides to teach them a lesson. She tells him that she will wear his Mother’s Dress and Jewellery.

Manini tries to stitch the Moon from his album but gets hurt. However she still doesn’t stop and continues to do so.

On the other hand Banni asks the servants to keep the food made by her on the table.

Everyone question her why she made this to which she tells them she has made everyone’s favorite today.

Banni says that she has made it while they worry about the taste. Devraj asks them to taste it first to which Alpana mocks Banni for trying to come out as good in their eyes.

Banni tells her that she won’t do any such thing. She is now in Vandana’s jewellery and clothes. She then makes her wear her googles and asks her to see things from her view.

Manini asks her why she stressed herself when they have servants. Banni tells her Yuvan married her.

Devraj calls her Annapurna of the house. Banni asks Palak to call Hemant but she denies to so so to which Manini asks her to do it. Palak leaves.

Banni warns Viraj

Banni then stops Viraj from sitting and tells them that she will eat with them. Viraj ridiculed her to which she tells him Yuvan has fifty percent shares and he is the King.

As Banni mocks Viraj and Charmi, Devraj smiles at her. Manini says she is pretending to which she says she is trying to get everyone to respect Yuvan.

She then makes Viraj wear the hat that Shankar has on and tells him that he always humiliate Yuvan while he loves her soo much.

She warns everyone to respect Yuvan. Banni asks Yuvan to have his food but he silences her and goes to Manini.

As he hugs her and calls her Mother Banni and Devraj stand surprised.

What more drama is awaiting the audience.

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