Banni Chow Home Delivery: Manini grows Suspicious of Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery: Manini grows suspicious of Banni

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD) is all set for intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in the upcoming story.

Banni starts to search Palak’s room and remember how she has smelt her scent when she hugged her. She gets drawing sheet and gold color there.

Palak comes there and gets shocked seeing her. Banni asks her to tell her truth after telling her that Yuvan whispered her name in her ears.

Palak tells her that he won’t as he has promised her. Banni asks her to tell the truth to get forgiveness from God which Palak does.

All of them hail The Lord Shree Krishna and do the Aarti. Yuvan worries whether Banni forgives him or not. He tells Manini that he wants to tell the truth to her.

Manini asks him not to worry at all and asks him to concentrate on their performance. He does as asked. Banni tells something to Devraj.

Manini and Yuvan start to dance as Yashoda and Krishna while Banni dances with him as Radha.

Manini tells Yuvan that she told him that she will forgive him. Banni tells Yuvan that she can’t be angry with such a pure soul and asks Palak to tell the truth as God forgives those who accepts their mistakes.

Banni gets the Hint

Palak tells that she stole the flute as she got less marks. Manini knows this too. They asked Yuvan to lie.

Hemant asks Banni as to why she is blaming Palak to which she tells him that Yuvan is his son too but he trusted when he took the blame.

She tells Manini that she has done wrong with her biological daughter. Yuvan stops her and tells her that he has done this by himself as he can’t see tears in her eyes.

Manini asks him not to fight with Banni for her and leaves from there. Banni stops him but he goes behind her.

Pandit asks Banni to sprinkle water everywhere because of which she gets to know that Yuvan is being scared of.

She thanks The Lord Shree Krishna for giving her hint determined to know the truth.

Banni asks Yuvan to wear the dress that Manini picks for him. Manini thinks that Banni is planning something for her.

What more drama is awaiting the audience?

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