Banni Chow Home Delivery: Banni Apologises for Lying to Yuvan

Banni Chow Home Delivery: Banni Apologises for Lying to Yuvan

Star Plus’s popular show Banni Chow Home Delivery is all set for intense drama. The show is gearing up for many interesting twists and turns in the upcoming track

Banni tells Yuvan that he will eat with everyone from now on as this is what his Mother would have wanted from him.

Yuvan feeds her the first bite and tells her that he loves her the most. Manini praises her for changing him. Everyone claps for them.

Manini makes it clear to everyone that Yuvan will eat with everyone and everyday. She then demands Viraj and Charmi to apologize to Banni.

As they apologise to her for Manini, Manini asks Banni to give them a sign that she forgave them.

Yuvan at Planetarium

With this Yuvan breaks into tears saying that his Mother didn’t give him any sign yet that she forgave him and runs to his room. He requests his Mother to give a sign to him.

Banni gets worried for him and tells Devraj to do something while he thinks about an idea.

Banni delivers food to everyone while she is questioned as to how her husband is allowing her to do so. Banni makes it clear that none can seperate her from her work.

Yuvan is struggling to chose a dress when Banni comes there and helps him with it. She thinks that Devraj is not right in taking him to the Planetarium.

As Myra comes to Devraj and tells him that they got the permission to visit it, Banni tells him that it is not a good idea.

However Devraj is determined to help Yuvan and tells her he can’t see him in more pain than he already is and leaves from there.

As Manini supports Banni telling her Devraj never listens, Banni makes it clear that she will never trust her or her sweet words.

In the Planetarium, Devraj tells Yuvan that the brightly shining star is his Mother which makes him happy. Banni apologises to Shivji for lying to him.

Banni tries to feed Yuvan while he silences her and runs to Manini. He hugs her calling her Mother while Devraj and Banni stands shocked.

What more drama is awaiting the audience?

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