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Cooku With Kirikku Elimination Today, Advantage Task Winners

Star Suvarna launched a comedy cum cooking reality show Cooku With Kirikku season 1 with top 8 contestants. Cooku With Kirikku started on 10th April 2021 with the chief guest Kichcha Sudeep along with the super judges of this season. Cookku With Kiriku is the Kannada remake of Vijay TV’s Cooku With Comali. These all…

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Cooku With Kirikku Contestants, Kiriku List

Star Suvarna is back with a new show Cooku With Kirikku (aka. Cook With Kirikku) with the top 8 contestants and 8 kirikus. These cooks are weekly paired with the Kirikkus of this season. Cooku With Kirikku premiered it’s Grand Opening with 2 judges Sihikahi Chandru and Chef Venkatesh Bhat. This season is hosted by…

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MasterChef UK 2021 Winner, Runner-up, Finalists

BBC One’s MasterChef UK 2021 (Series 17) reached to it’s final’s week with top 5 finalists lf this season. From last five weeks, we saw 40 best amateur cooks appeared in the MasterChef kitchen and from them we got our top 5.  On 14th April 2021, we saw the last battle in the MasterChef UK…

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