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Anupamaa: Vanraj-Kavya’s affair gets exposed in front of everybody

Star Plus’s most viewed serial Anupama is up for new high voltage drama where Vanraj and Kavya extra-marital affair gets exposed in front of Shah family.

So far we have seen that Shah family is busy in celebrating Diwali festival but Vanraj is busy with her friend Kavya.

Here in the Shah house everybody was waiting for Vanraj to begin puja rituals but he gets late. Anupama already completed pooja in Vanraj’s absence. He gets very angry on her.

After some days, we will see Vanraj is planning to give a special surprise to Kavya on her birthday.

He plans a romantic dinner at the resort where he will propose Kavya on her birthday.

Rakhi Dave hit the bull’s eye, Leela slaps Vanraj

But here, Vanraj’s this plan will not succeed as Rakhi Dave is also spending her quality time in the same resort. She plans to expose Vanraj’s real face in front of everyone.

And it seems like Mrs. Rakhi Dave will invite entire Shah family for a dinner party in that resort where Vanraj-Kavya will celebrate the party.

Later on the birthday cum dinner party night, Anupama will notice Vanraj and Kavya’s romantic celebration.

Vanraj lies on the floor and express his romantic feelings for Kavya.

But this romantic scene will be noticed by each and every Shah member. They all gets hell shock seeing them together in such situation.

Bapuji who recently suffered from heart attack also gets a huge shock. Vanraj’s mother Leela is stunned seeing all this and slaps Vanraj for breaking her trust.

Now it would be really interesting to see what will happen with Vanraj and how he will face Bapuji and Leela.

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