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Anupamaa: Vanraj decide to live with Anupama, Baa taunts Kavya

Star Plus’s most popular serial Anupamaa is up for new drama in the forthcoming story when Vanraj decides to live with Anupama in Shah house.

So far we have seen that Vanraj met a deadly accident. Anupama and family got shocked seeing his critical condition.

Baa fumes in anger seeing Kavya in hospital and orders her to leave it. She denies to leave Vanraj alone. Baa taunts Kavya to show her real place.

On the other side, doctor asks Shah family to arrange blood for Vanraj’s surgery. Kavya and Anupama gives blood to him but Kavya’s blood don’t work for Vanraj.

Baa also taunts Kavya on blood relation. Kavya has no words to reply.

Vanraj decision shocked Kavya

Later on, Anupama takes care of her husband Vanraj after requested by Leela and Bapuji.

Vanraj gets consciousness and he makes a decision to live with his Shah family. Kavya gets shocked hearing this decision.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Vanraj will forget Kavya after seeing Anupama’s love and care for him.

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