Anupamaa: Rakhi’s entry in Shah house, Anupama blamed

Star Plus popular serial Anupamaa is ready for the intensive drama in the upcoming story on Partiosh-Kinjal’s relationship.

So far we have seen that Shah family is busy in the preparation of Janmashtami festival.

Kinjal also came to Shah’s house to celebrate this festival with Toshu and family members.

But she lied to her mother Rakhi Dave that she is going somewhere else.

Rakhi also reaches to the Shah house and gets shocked seeing Kinjal enjoying with Paritosh.

And Rakhi gets angry at her daughter where Kinjal apologizes for what she did.

Rakhi puts a full stop on Paritosh-Kinjal’s relationship

Later Anupama narrates Rakhi as Paritosh’s in-laws where she gets furious hearing this.

Rakhi clears that Kinjal will not marry Paritosh just as Anupama is not very much educated. Paritosh-Kinjal gets shocked.

She makes Anupama feels insulted where Vanraj takes his wife’s side and shouts at Rakhi.

Later on, Paritosh decides to leave the Shah house and blames everything on Anupama.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Paritosh will take any unexpected step or he will return back home.

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