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Anupamaa: Rakhi’s Ghar Jamai twist shocked Paritosh

Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa is up for the new twist where Rakhi’s Ghar Jamai twist for Paritosh creates a hell shock for him.

So far we have seen that Paritosh leaves his house after heated argument with his father Vanraj.

Paritosh feels heartbroken after all things happened in Shah house. He recalls everything.

Later he goes to Kinjal’s house where Mr. and Mrs. Rakhi Dave gets shocked seeing him.

Kinjal’s father requests him to go back to his house as everybody would be in stress. Paritosh denies going to Shah’s house.

Anupama gets back his son

Paritosh requests Rakhi Dave to allow Kinjal and his marriage. She puts a condition.

Rakhi puts a Ghar Jamai condition in front of Paritosh as she is not ready to send his daughter to Shah’s house. Paritosh-Kinjal gets shocked hearing this.

On the other side, Anupama and others pass from a tough time when they will hear the news that Paritosh faced an accident.

But later they will learn that Paritosh is staying in Kinjal’s house.

Thereafter, Anupama-Samar decides to bring back his son from Rakhi Dave’s mansion.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Paritosh will return back to Vanraj Shah’s house or not.

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