Anupamaa: Rakhi visits Shah house, new demand shocked Anupama

Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa is up for the new twist in the upcoming storyline when Rakhi Dave and family visits Vanraj Shah’s house.

So far we have seen that Anirudh creates a drama and tries to expose Vanraj-Kavya’s affair in front of Anupama. Everybody gets hell shock hearing this but somehow Kavya will manage to prove Anirudh wrong.

Later we will see Rakhi Dave, Kinjal, and Mr. Dave gives surprise to Shah family by visiting their house to finalize the engagement date.

Rakhi has already planned to ruin this engagement and will save her daughter. So, now she apologizes to Vanraj Shah as per her plan.

Later Rakhi asks Anupama and Vanraj to arrange this engagement in any lavish place as well as all the members should wear the designer outfits.

But here Vanraj puts a point to not to celebrate this in any big place as this will be a waste of money and this amount will help in Paritosh-Kinjal’s marriage.

Rakhi’s new demand shocked Anupama

As this demand failed, later Rakhi talks with Anupama and orders her to purchase a very expensive engagement ring from the jeweller she suggests as well of her choice. Anupama gets shocked hearing this new demand.

Rakhi’s plan is to anyhow cancel this engagement, so she put this new demand to purchase the expensive diamond ring for Kinjal.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Anupama will agree to purchase the precious engagement ring or not. If yes then how she will manage to arrange the huge amount for the ring.

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