Anupamaa: Rakhi meets Anupama in a restaurant

Star Plus’s most favorite serial Anupamaa is ready for the new twist in the upcoming story when Anupama requests Rakhi to meet in a restaurant to talk about Paritosh-Kinjal’s alliance.

So far we have seen that Paritosh came to his house in a drunken state and created a drama overthere. Everybody is shocked.

Later Samar and Anupama also learns a shocking truth that Paritosh is taking sleeping pills.

They tries to keep this news secret but anyhow Vanraj learns the truth and scolds Anupama on all this.

Vanraj also gave 1 day ultimatum to Anupama to solve all this matter of his family.

Rakhi puts a new condition

Later on, Anupama calls Kinjal’s mother Rakhi to meet her and talk regarding Paritosh-Kinjal’s alliance.

Here Rakhi orders Anupama to meet her in a restaurant at the given time.

In the restaurant, Rakhi tries to defame Anupama by showing her richness and attitude.

But Anupama stays calm and requests Rakhi to think of their daughter as she will be more happy with Paritosh and her family.

Rakhi thinks and put a condition in front of Anupama that right now she is just giving the permission for Paritosh-Kinjal’s engagement.

Rakhi also adds that she will decide when Paritosh and Kinjal will marry.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Anupama will accept this condition or not.

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