Anupamaa: Paritosh-Kinjal exchanged ring without Anupama

Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa is ready for the new twist in the upcoming storyline when Rakhi plans to do Paritosh-Kinjal’s engagement without Anupama.

So far we have seen that Anupama saved her daughter Pakhi from Sid’s dirty blackmail game.

Everybody was shocked seeing Anupama’s behavior towards Sid especially Mrs. Rakhi Dave.

Later everything gets sort out and Leela Shah orders to perform the ring exchange rituals.

But here Anupama has prepared an outfit for Paritosh’s engagement and she rushes to bring that for him.

Anupama shocked seeing Paritosh-Kinjal

On the other hand, Rakhi Dave executes her another dirty plan and completes Paritosh-Kinjal’s ring exchange rituals without Anupama.

Later on, Anupama gets a huge shock when she notice that Paritosh-Kinjal’s engagement rituals already completed without her presence.

Rakhi also instigates Anupama that nobody cares about her absence or presence. She gets hurt.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Anupama will express her emotions or she will forget it.

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3 Replies to “Anupamaa: Paritosh-Kinjal exchanged ring without Anupama”

  1. Can’t see Anupama breaking down after getting to know about vanraj… Somehow make the story more intersting without that storyline… Vanraj should realise his nonsense and commit back to Anupama without her getting to know about all this…

  2. Why cannot people make a happy story. Anupama serial is good but why there always has to be a bad husband. Why everyone has to torture a good person.
    There are lot of bad things around the world . Why is there no happy serial

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