Anupamaa: Pakhi learns reason of Vanraj-Anupama’s changed behavior

Star Plus’s most favorite serial Anupamaa is up for the new twist in the upcoming story when Pakhi (Sweety) learns the real reason behind Vanraj-Anupama’s changed behavior.

So far we have seen that Anupama is in huge shock after witnessing Vanraj-Kavya’s extra martial affair.

Here most of the family members are aware on why Anupama is changed except Pakhi, Dada and Dadi.

Pakhi is also worried and eagerly waiting to know the truth on what happened between her mother and father.

Pakhi requests Paritosh-Samar to reveal it but Paritosh denies Samar that she is small.

Pakhi supports Anupama, scolds Nandini

But as we know Pakhi will not stop and meets Nandini from her she learns a shocking truth that her father Vanraj and Kavya are in relationship from 8 long years.

Pakhi gets hell shock after hearing this and later confronts their brothers about it.

Here she learn more things that Kavya is responsible for Anupama’s this situation. Kavya and Vanraj was about to get married in the temple and so on.

Pakhi hates Kavya on what she did with her mother and also scolds Nandini on this matter.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Pakhi will sort out all the issues between Vanraj and Anupama. And what will be Anupama’s next step.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and gossip of Anupama.

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