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Anupamaa: Kinjal decide to leave Shah house, Anupama make her understand

Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa is up for a new twist in the upcoming story when Kinjal makes a shocking decision seeing Vanraj while Anupama tries to make her understand.

So far we have seen that Vanraj and Shah family celebrating in the New Year party forgetting what happened in the last year.

Anupama is firm on her decision to end the relationship with Vanraj.

On the other hand, Paritosh-Kinjal are enjoying the honeymoon and are unaware of what happened with Vanraj.

Later on, we will see this newly wed couple returns back home where they get shocked seeing Vanraj in injured situation.

Kinjal’s shocking decision

Toshu gets emotional seeing his father Vanraj’s injuries. While Kinjal gets angry seeing him inside the Shah house.

She asks Anupama on why Vanraj is still in this house even after betraying her.

Later, Kinjal makes a shocking decision that she will leave Shah house if Vanraj will live with them.

Here Anupama stops her and make her understand to think on it and then to take any decision.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Kinjal will change her decision or not.

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