Anupama: Kavya’s master plan to separate Vanraj-Anupama

Star Plus’s serial Anupama is up for high voltage drama in the upcoming story line with Kavya’s master plan.

So far we have seen that Pakhi got kidnapped while Anupama-Vanraj starts searching her.

Luckily with Anupama instinct and with the help of police, they saved Pakhi from kidnappers clutches.

They bring back Pakhi to the Shah house where she apologize on leaving her house.

Anupamaa-Vanraj also realized their mistake and later on takes a very good decision.

Kavya also has a plan

Anupama requests Vanraj to stay together without affecting love and care for Pakhi.

Baa also orders the couple to leave this divorce matter and start staying together in the same house.

On the other side, Kavya is very furious post knowing Vanraj’s decision that he will live with Pakhi and Anupama.

She also makes an emotional master plan to separate Anupama-Vanraj and get him back.

Now it would be really interesting to see what will be Kavya’s plan and how she will execute it.

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2 Replies to “Anupama: Kavya’s master plan to separate Vanraj-Anupama”

  1. The more you see this program twists and turns it’s turning interesting Kavya needs a big slap by ruining husband and wifes relationship & kids. She should be ashamed of herself the person who goes to extreme has no shame.

    • A slap will not cure Kavya of her increasingly disgusting behaviour regarding her constant plotting and scheming. However, there needs to be someone to put the domineering MIL in her place. Her hubby should threaten to leave/divorce her for her nastiness towards Anupama then how will the witch of a MIL feel? Also Pakhi should grow up and stop dictating to her parents in such a self indulgent & selfish way. as for Nandini & Samar’s romancing and Vanraj’s scolding he (vanraj) must be reminded that he does not have the monopoly over falling in love, that he thinks its OK to have 2 women in his life, stringing along both, yet he does not think Samar should have even one.

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