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Anupamaa: Kamini’s entry in the house, engagement ring goes missing

Star Plus’s most favorite serial Anupamaa is up for a new twist in the upcoming track when new entry Kamini enters in the house and Paritosh-Kinjal’s engagement ring goes missing.

So far we have seen that Leela and other family members were talking about Leela’s sister’s daughter-in-law Kamini. She is literally a storm.

Later this storm Kaamini enters in the Shah house to create havoc in happy life.

The role of Kamini is played by Tulika Patel. She is more popular for her acting in Gujarati serials and shows.

Leela shows Paritosh-Kinjal’s engagement ring to Kamini. She gets mesmerized and stunned after hearing the price of that ring.

Kamini put blames on servant Jilmil

Later, Kamini secretly takes that engagement ring and put it in her bag.

Everybody gets tensed after knowing that the engagement ring is missing.

Thenafter, Kamini will try to put all the allegations on Shah house’s servant Jilmil.

Nobody is ready to accept this truth as they know Jilmil’s behavior from years.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Anupamaa will get succeed in finding out the real culprit or not.

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