Anupamaa: Huge shock for Anupama, Vanraj gets internal injury

In the upcoming story of Anupamaa we will see Anupama gets a shocking news of Vanraj’s accident, Vanraj gets internal injury.

So far we have seen that Vanraj got very much angry on Kavya on what she did in Paritosh-Kinjal’s marriage.

Kavya blames him for still supporting his wife Anupama and not taking her side.

Vanraj takes a strong decision to live alone and will leave Kavya and Anupama.

Later on, Vanraj leaves Kavya’s house and will driving recalls everything that happened in his life just because of Kavya and Anupama.

Anupama rushes to meet Vanraj

He also realize that he was very happy with Anupama. But later he meets a deadly accident.

On the other side, Anupama gets intuition of Vanraj’s accident.

Later this intuition becomes true and she gets heartbreaking news of Vanraj’s huge accident. She gets huge shock in hearing this. Anupama, Samar, and Sanjay Bhai rushes to the accident spot.

All the 3 gets a major shock on seeing Vanraj lying fighting in life and death situation. Later they rushes him to the hospital.

Now it would be very exciting to see whether Vanraj will realize his mistake for leaving Anupama.

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