Anupamaa: Anupama gets advance salary, Vanraj gets increment

Star Plus’s newly launched serial Anupamaa is ready for some high voltage drama when Anupama gets advance salary.

So far we have seen that Anupama is ready for her first day of work at the school. But Anupama reaches late and the principal warns her.

Anupama faces students for the very first time and impressed their students with her skills.

The Principal also taken a risk by giving the job to Anupama but she is also impressed seeing Anupama-students good connection on the very first day.

At the end of the day, Principal mam calls Anupama and gives her an advance salary as per school rules. Anupama gets very happy seeing her first earned income.

Leela shocking statement, Vanraj shares a good news

On the other side, Leela Shah is fed up with her granddaughter Meenu’s different-different requests, and taking care of her.

Leela makes a shocking statement that Anupama will not do the job but Samar and Jayesh (Leela’s husband) will handle the situation.

Later on, Vanraj also gets a salary increment in his job. He is very much happy.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Anupama’s first salary will create problems in the house or not.

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