Anupamaa: Anirudh blackmails Vanraj, Anupama is heartbroken

Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa is ready for a new twist in the upcoming story when Anirudh tries to blackmail Vanraj with that image.

So far we have seen that Kavya and Vanraj met in her house where Anirudh clicked their romantic picture.

Vanraj and Kavya gets nervous when he says that he will share this picture with Rakhi Dave.

Later on, Anirudh shares this picture with Kavya’s niece Nandini. She gets shocked seeing them together.

Nandini confronts Kavya about this where she replied that Vanraj is just her friend a d nothing else. Kavya also blames that Anirudh is trying to ruin this friendship.

Anupama feels heartbroken

Anirudh continues the torture and tries to blackmail Vanraj. He gets very much upset and angry.

Vanraj take this anger out on Anupama saying he is not feeling good with spices smell from her hands and clothes.

Anupama gets shocked and emotional hearing all this and a sudden change in Vanraj’s behavior.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Vanraj will apologize Anupama on his mistake or not.

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