Anupama: What! Vanraj supports Kavya in manipulating Pakhi

Anupama: What! Vanraj supports Kavya in manipulating Pakhi

Star Plus popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Pakhi insults Anupamaa for not sparing time for her and prioritising everyone else.

Kavya rejoices her win in provoking Pakhi against Anupamaa. But Anupamaa unfolds the truth behind Pakhi’s sudden change.

Thus Anupamaa gives an ultimatum to Kavya. She says Kavya don’t she dare to come between her and Pakhi.

Vanraj shows that he is extremely pleased with Pakhi accepting Kavya.

Kavya pulls Pakhi to her side

Vanraj says he is thr happiest as Pakhi reunites with Kavya. Vanraj hopes that Pakhi will soon accept their marriage too.

Will really Pakhi will distance herself from Anupamaa?

It is going to be super interesting to watch the upcoming episodes of Anupama.

Stay tuned for more updates.

17 Replies to “Anupama: What! Vanraj supports Kavya in manipulating Pakhi”

  1. Again and again kavya insulting anupama and all are watching,baa toh Pata nahi kavya ki Maa ban gayi and anupamas own children’s are so much bewkoof . Sanskari hona alag baat hai aur bewkoof hona alag why not anupama gives tight slap on kavya s face or proper answer to her. we are not living in Gandhi yug yeh toh logo tak galat message ja raha hai k this is normal. Vanraj bhi jaise achanak kavya ka chamchaa ban Gaya kavya ki job gayi toh woh sab ki favorite ho gayi. Anupama ke bachhe baap jaise hai jab jaroorat ho toh Maa Maa karte hai matlabi. The show maker has totally lost control over writing they are giving wrong message to society. TRP ke liye kuch bhi karte hai.

  2. Never seen elderly children accept a young mother,not at least in our Indian culture and community,the serial is getting bored.I am thinking of skipping Anupama, dragging story.

  3. Anupama started as a very progressive Female protoginistic forward thinking brave attempt at selfrespect and indeoendence of a,Woman
    BUT UNFORTUNATLY its become a dull listless serial after Lockdown
    The Shah family seems clueless as one character after another seems dullwitted spineless and Dumb.
    Rajan Shahi needs tobget his act togather with his writers as
    ANUPAMAA has become a crying lecturing bore rather than forward moving intelligent ,progressive Woman

  4. Pakhi se jyaada bewakoof ladiki kahin nahin dekhi😝… come Pakhi has forgotten that it was her Mummy who rescued her from being kidnapped, when she ran away from home because of Kavya? First Kinjal was brainwashed, now Pakhi, seems like this generation kids in the Shah household are really brain-dead! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. I feel Vanraj will be reason for downfall of Anupama Career, then she will realise that she made a mistake. I feel Vanraj and kavya are playing games.

  6. Actually Anupama should leave the bechaari image now she only speaks and does nothing…. High time Anupama should get a makeover done. Everyone in the house knows about Kavya’s intentions but still are trying to accept her, too good to be real. The creative should really think something creative now.

    • Anupama is my favorite serial.
      Anupama means rupali Ganguly is my favorite one . And I will support Anupama to loss the kavya . My favorite characters my first Anupama means rupali Ganguly and second varnraj third kavya fourth kinjal fifth toshu seventh summer eight nandani ninth pakhi tenth baa eleven bulakar mama .
      It is funny , comedy , and emotionally serial

    • Anupama started with a progressive woman over 25 years of illtreatment n neglect by all of shah family
      Pandemic onwards the Writer Director have lost the vision and comoromise everyday with the Character of Anupama who is always getting insulted humiliated and keeps crying since the last 315 episodes.

    • You are right.Anupama only talks and lectures but doesn’t do anything. Takes insults and plays Mahaan devi.It has no effect even on her children who are selfish.

    • Why Anupama have to deal with same problems from same who don’t regret for their behavior for ever, I think serial is moving on same story line reapedly which feel the audience bore. Makers should focus on anupama’s development in her career, rather than in family’s drama.

  7. Daughters are such a blessing. Unfortunately, even after having a great mom…living in joint family ..who follow their culture religiously and r full of sanskar as u have been showing till now…. the daughter is still so arrogant and so are so many other members of family. Very dramatic storyline. It is getting bakwas now.

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