Anupama: Vanraj takes stand for Kavya; lashes out at Anupama

Anupama: Vanraj takes stand for Kavya; lashes out at Anupama

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up some real drama and interesting twists in its track.

Anupamaa is trying hard to get customers for Vanraj’s Leela ki Cafe. She is convincing her students’ parents to visit the cafe.

Meanwhile Kavya orders a huge amount of food for Pakhi’s friends from Vanraj’s cafe and refuses to pay for it.

Anupamaa was unaware of this. But when Anupamaa and Vanraj reach home Anupamaa is shocked to see how Pakhi and her friends wasted their foods.

Anupama fumes and asks Kavya and Pakhi to pay for it and Vanraj to charge them for their order.

Vanraj lashes out at Anupamaa

Vanraj now takes a stand for Kavya and refuses to take any money from her. He tells Anupamaa that Kavya is his wife and he would not mind taking her orders for free.

What more twist is waiting ahead?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

9 Replies to “Anupama: Vanraj takes stand for Kavya; lashes out at Anupama”

  1. Yes,Now a days Anupama not so much interesting..Alwaya Anupama to every one’s word..And Kavya she is horrible..If i can be in place of Anupama I throw out her and give a big slap to Pakhi..

  2. Pakhi ke kaan ke niche toh zabardast bajana chahiye. Badtameez Kavya and Pakhi. Selfish Vanraj. And why they are showing Anupama still doing all of it. Itne sanskaar wali Anupama ke dono bacche Toshu and Pakhi kitne badtameez and selfish and opportunists hai.

  3. Pakhi is so irritating. How can a daughter go against her own mother.shame pakhi.i hate it is kids nowadays are selfish

  4. Please show some new track why nly aupama has to be blamed…kavya and pakhi role is irritating…give a chance to anupama to lead her own life

  5. Same soap daily..have ro bare kavya all the time ..and pakhi character is also so irritating…the one who hated kavya now considers her as influential she is..overall serial is boring..everyone taunt Anupama and samar..kavya never keeps her mouth shut, always insults anupama..still vanraj n family is quiet…same soap without twist is boring..

    • The show is going really well.. I’m enjoying it everyday! The best part is that it’s not like other daily soaps where whatever the man has done to the women, they still reconcile and live their lives happily, it’s something fresh and influential. A big thank you to Rajan Shahi for giving us such a masterpiece to binge-watch!

  6. So disappointing with the regular masala going on in Anupama. Can she has a life too. She needs to come out of that cocoon and start fresh and achieve her ambitions. Why she has to be blamed for everything and Vanraj still be mahaan and throw his tantrums at her. Not acceptable. Think big if this is about Anupama make her look strong and independent. Not every now and then people bash her including her kids. Fed up of this track. Show this same with Kavya why not? In what way she’s dominating in the serial she goes on insulting Anupama and why main lead has to be bechari all the time?? Time for others to cry too if the main motto is crying make Kavya role cry not Anupama. Thanks. Please don’t spoil the serial.

    • Please ab Anupama ko bhi jeene ka hak hein….har baar ye aata hein ki ab new entry hogi jo Anupama ki life m aayega but kab hogi hum yahi daily sochte hein……ab tak yahi dikhaya hein ki wahi sabhi ko ek karti hein sabhi ka sahan karti h kya yahi life hoti h ek lady ki kya samne wale ko uske hone ka koi fark nhi padta ek aurat ki itni insult to mat dikhaiye show m self respect bhi hoti h kuch….thanks

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