Anupama: Vanraj puts a full stop on Anupama's Dance Academy

Anupama: Vanraj puts a full stop on Anupama’s Dance Academy

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its track.

Anupamaa saves Vanraj from losing his customers by cooking their orders herself. Vanraj is really owes to Anupamaa

But Kavya is irked with Anupamaa excelling in all the fields. More over she is insecure about the growing friendship of Vanraj and Anupamaa.

To keep Vanraj and Anupamaa away, Kavya this of a plan.

Kavya uses her method of reverse psychology and provoke Vanraj against Anupamaa.

She tells Vanraj Anupamaa can easily convince her students and guardians to visita the cafe but she isn’t doing as she don’t want the cafe to succeed.

Kavya also makes Vanraj realise that Anupamaa’s dance class are a source of disturbance for the customer at the cafe.

Vanraj turns mean

Vanraj now is getting irked by Anupama’s Dance Academy and turns mean. He decides to shut down Anupamaa’s Dance Academy.

Is Anupamaa dance academy going to close?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

15 Replies to “Anupama: Vanraj puts a full stop on Anupama’s Dance Academy”

  1. The serial has become boring as the same manipulation done by kavya is shown again and again and Vanraj shown as fool to get convinced so easily. I have stopped watching the serial.

  2. Every story should have some reality in life. The characters of the serial are becoming imaginary day by day. Every character has limits of goodness and badness as well. Please don’t cross these limits if you really want to keep the people sitting before the tv sets.

  3. Vanraj should be taught a very good lesson. Anupama should move on with out bothering for the family. Too much of goodness is not appreciated

  4. Please do not drag the story kyaa has becoming v.boring even comments if Rakhi are untolerable kahani ko aage lo otherwise we will start watching alternate days

  5. People should stop doing good deeds and stop helping people. This is v sad. Moreover what kind of image will vanraj the father have in front of his kids.not acceptable track

  6. Samar was right. Anupama should not have given him the place for the cafe.
    He’s the most selfish man 😏🙄. Also more selfish than kavya😏

  7. This serial is extended to end number of episodes. To keep the serial going you need to show that one lady is smart and other are dumb.

  8. How stupid could Vanraj really be? His previous influence by “baby” all turned negative yet again he is taking orders from such person, wanting to destroy the dance academy is also killing his son’s dream not just Anupama.
    Really after Samar did so much work MR Kavya wants to destroy? Samar will deffinately cut him off for good

  9. The serial is getting drab and lousy with one negative person who is not stopped by anyone. Just people tolerate her! It is something unseen & unheard. First of all no one invited her to the opening over and above she does not help and have a job. Just cannot digest the Man Vanraj! Is just blind and dead by mind and actions.
    It is turning to a awful unlike society with human. This women Anupama! Just seems to dumb & a extremely tolerant person! Even the Gods must be brought in now as they will envy her.
    It is time the devil! Is 5aught a lesson and shunted out by elder Babujee.

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