Anupama: Vanraj left Shah house, Anupama tensed – New Promo

Star Plus’s favourite serial Anupama is up for a new twist in the upcoming story when Vanraj leaves Shah house.

The makers of this serial recently released a new promo showcasing the coming track of Anupamaa.

So far we have seen that Kavya reveals divorce date in front of Shah family.

Everybody is emotional that Vanraj-Anupama has just 2 days to save their 25 years long relationship.

Kavya is very much happy as this will clear her way to enter in the Shah house by marrying Vanraj.

Vanraj left a note and leaves the house

Vanraj is also not happy to end this relationship but he has no other way to stop this divorce procedure.

Therefore he decide to leave the Shah house as he is not ready to face the divorce. Vanraj writes a letter for Anupamaa and Shahs that he is leaving this house.

Anupama finds this note and gets tensed as once again she will have to face and handle this situation alone.

On the other hand, the super happy Kavya also gets this shocking news that Vanraj left the house without informing anybody. She gets very angry.

Now it would be very interesting to see where is the missing Vanraj and how Anupama will find him.

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