Anupama: Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anuj-Anupama’s closeness

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Vanraj Shah and Kavya reaches Anuj Kapadia’s office for the business deal where Kavya creates a blunder.

Anuj gets angry when Kavya saw GK sitting on his chair and called him a servant.

But anyhow, Vanraj manages the situation.

Later on, Kavya and Vanraj delivers their presentation and their business plan but failed to crack the deal as AK wants his legal team to study the same.

Anuj-Anupama in office, Vanraj pissed off

On the other hand, when all these were leaving, Anuj calls his friend Anupama alone in the office chamber. The reason is to thank Anupama for the sweets and return the box to her.

Vanraj is unaware of it and get jealous as why Anuj called Anupama alone. Vanraj Shah gets pissed off. Kavya is also not leaving any moment and instigates him.

Later Vanraj questions Anupama on why Anuj called her privately and Anupama also gives him a tight reply.

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

4 Replies to “Anupama: Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anuj-Anupama’s closeness”

  1. Right Anupama deserves happiness and moving onward is the way of life.
    In today’s Era that we’live in, it’s mgthe right thing to do. If a man can re marry so can a woman; specially a woman who was not respected by her husband while they were married. Respect and trust the two important wheels in a relationship and Vanraj dint give both to Anupama so it’s the correct decision for her to move on.
    Rohan left Nandini when she needed him most and it’s imperative that Samar shows trust in her. Sending a reply to a message doesn’t imply interest in the person in a personal way.
    Nandini can demand Rohan to show the chat to clear the air.

  2. Now it’s high time that Anupama starts finding happiness with Anuj and moves on in life.. because if Vanraj can have a affair despite being married and then after getting divorced he can marry his girlfriend then y can’t Anupama get a chance to move on…it’s her life..her happiness…even she has the right to move on..and if it’s with Anuj then y not…Anuj will keep Anupama very happy and content…..and please stop getting lady vamps in the show like Kavya and Mrs.Rakhi Dave…Kavya is so stupid..she just knows how to ruin things or how to irritate people…and I don’t understand y Mrs.Dave is interfering in their family matters which doesn’t concern her daughter’s welfare🧐🧐🧐……. Please stop getting negativity in the show 😔😔.

  3. It is about time the writers allow Anupama to have a life and stop existing. Since her marriage she has been the Shah’s private servant she rec’d no respect no love and absolutely no self confidence. Anupama needs to walk with her head held up. She deserves to be with someone who really and actually loves her. It is absolutely ridiculous Anupama is being questioned by Kavya at every turn. Let vanraj be jealous and fume he even encourage the kids to disrespect their mother, his lost for 25 and more years of disrespect and nasty beahaviour towards Anupama. Even his mother was terrible towards her from start. Anupama needs to move on just as Vanraj did. Hopefully happy times ahead for her. She needs to relax and enjoy life.

  4. Vanraj Shah is nobody, his feelings should not be given any thought, please, I hope writers will allow Anupama character to find happiness with Anuj, she more than deserve it.
    Let Kavya keep begging because she have no sense, thinks she knows all about business but she don’t.
    Also don’t let Samar and Nandini separate, now beginning to show to much negativity.

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