Anupama: Vanraj-Anupamaa fights; Pakhi-Adhik's new plan

Anupama: Vanraj-Anupamaa fights; Pakhi-Adhik’s new plan

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Vanraj and Shah family is surprised that Pakhi likes Adhik and is fighting for her rights.

Vanraj makes it clear that he don’t want to see Adhik around Pakhi but Pakhi slams back at Vanraj.

Pakhi says she will meet Adhik and he cannot control her life or stop her. Pakhi also puts question on Anupama and Vanraj’s marriage.

She says if extra marital affair and marrying after having three kids is allowed them why can’t she like someone.

Shahs fumes

Meanwhile Vanraj is shocked that Pakhi is arguing with him and tells Anupamaa that neither Pakhi will not go to Kapadia House nor Adhik and his family will come here.

Later Adhik tells pakhi that it’s their life so they have the right to take decision abs asks her not to lose hope.

What more drama is waiting ahead? How will Anupamaa take step to he problem?

Start tuned for more updates.

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