Anupama sit on Vanraj’s chair, face-off ahead

Star Plus’s number 1 serial Anupama is up for new twist in the upcoming story line with Vanraj-Anupama’s face-off in the office.

So far we have seen that Vanraj got a shocking news that the new fresher who employed in place of him is none other than Kinjal Shah.

Kavya tried to instigate him against Anupama that this all is planned by her. Kavya is very angry as she had to report to Kinjal who is just a fresher.

On the other side, Paritosh ordered Kinjal to forget this job but she denied to do so. Anupama and Samar also supports her.

Later on, we will see that on the very first day of Kinjal’s job, Anupama visits her office.

Vanraj scolds Anupama, she gives befitting reply

Kinjal requests Anupama to sit on the boss chair and takes her blessings. Anupama is unaware that this cabin and chair belonged to Vanraj at some point.

Vanraj and Kavya makes entry in that cabin and gets shocked seeing Anupama sitting on his chair.

Vanraj lashes out at her saying how she dared to enter and sit on his chair. Anupama gives a tight reply to not to create a scene.

Later on, Vanraj-Kavya gets shocked seeing a name plate of Kinjal Shah. Kavya adds more fuel to the fire to intensify this fight.

Now it would be really enthralling to see what will be Vanraj’s next step and whether Rakhi’s recommendation helped Kinjal to get this job or not.

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