Anupama: Samar's birthday celebration to reveal Kavya's pregnancy

Anupama: Samar’s birthday celebration to reveal Kavya’s pregnancy

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Anupamaa is very happy as Kinjal has accepted her mistake and apologized to her and Baa.

Now Anupamaa decides to celebrate Samar’s birthday with big celebration as after a long time happiness has knock their door.

Everyone is very happy and excited for Samar birthday celebration. Whereas Kavya conspires to ruin the party.

Vanraj has warned Kavya prior to the party not to create any drama.

Kavya is ready to embrace the motherhood

In Samar’s birthday celebration Kavya announces it infront of everyone that she is pregnant.

Shah family stand there in extreme shock. No one could absorb the fact. Anupamaa is devastated inside but pretends to be alright.

Will Kavya’s baby unite the Shah Parivaar?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

8 Replies to “Anupama: Samar’s birthday celebration to reveal Kavya’s pregnancy”

  1. Really kavya pregnant this is unbearable and erong example set for young generation.
    Kids love too see anupama and bapuji the best relationship wish all father inlaws should have this feeling for their daughter inlaw few more relations admired anupama samar kinjal anupama anupama and baa they generation motivated. But all this vamp stories disturb the family.
    We cant it together and watch small kids ask questions where there is no reply.
    The show is on women spirit anupama then focus should be on it show again vanraj taking divorce from kavya getting married to anupama and live happy family

  2. Let the story focus on Anupama rather than Kavya Vamps will always be happy. That wud make the morals of the show useless.hope makers realize. Otherwise everything will be out of focus .wud b great to see Anupama back in the household

  3. Pathetic story line … It’s just a repeat of Kavya’s drama and Anupama treating her as her kid. It feels as if she is the mother in law for Kavya also. Kavya is never punished for anything , everyone just royally ignores the mistakes. So basically in this show the one who listens and behaves good are punished and ignored whereas people like Kavya can live on her terms and ways , she doesn’t have to follow any family rules, she is free to wear what she wishes.

  4. Hope Kavya’s pregnancy news is fake. It will be a ridiculous mockery of the whole show, because then the makers will show Anupama helping Kavya and once again – what a superwoman she is. Seriously, viewers will stop watching it if it becomes so stupidly predictable coz then Rakhi will come and taunt and the same drama will be repeated! Perhaps a step towards the dance academy or positivity in Anupama’s life will be better rather than her being shown as GREAT by helping Kavya in her pregnancy!!!!!

    • Completely agree! The show is going to dogs slowly. As from past few episodes, they have only been showing what a super woman Anupama is, instead of being realistic. Also she behaving like the mouth piece of everyone in the house or mother-in-law for Kavya was ridiculous. Hope they don’t repeat this history.

  5. I think the intention of the story was to showcase the strength of Anupama in all aspects of life. Focus has changed completely to Kavya and her negative role every step of the serial now. Ridiculous to see that the same Vanraj who was so strong and authoritative is giving in to all stupidities of Kavya including her pregnancy. I feel this is the worst twist of this serial with grown up married kids and their lives. Nothing could be worse.

  6. Good that kinjals character is adorable. If the witer would have turned her evil it would make audience lose hope in relationshi. Glad it didn’t happen

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