Anupama: Romil expose Adhik-Sweety’s relationship, Anupamaa tensed

Starplus’s most popular serial Anupama (Anupamaa) is getting interesting twist in the upcoming story.

So far we have seen that Adhik is torturing Pakhi (Sweety) on joining Kapadia empire.

Anupama, Anuj and other Kapadias are unaware od Adhik’s real face.

Later on, Adhik once again starts abusing Sweety and Romil notices this.

During a verbal fight between Romil and Adhik, Romil exposes how badly Adhik behaves with her wife Pakhi.

Anupamaa gets tensed hearing all this. She had a doubt that something is wrong between Pakhi-Adhik and Romil proved it.

Dimpy creates havoc

On the other hand, Samar’s wife Dimpy is trying to create problems in Shah family.

She purchased fridge, washing machine, cookery and other household items for their personal use.

Baa and other family members gets stunned seeing this.

Now it would be really interesting to watch whether Anupamaa will confront Pakhi to learn more about her and Adhik’s relationship or not.

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