Anupama requests Paritosh-Kinjal to apologize Rakhi

Star Plus’s most popular serial Anupama is up for the high voltage drama in the upcoming storyline when Anupama requests Paritosh-Kinjal to apologize Rakhi Dave.

So far we have seen that Rakhi Dave got a huge when her daughter Kinjal married to Paritosh without her permission.

On the other hand, Vanraj’s mother Leela Shah is also upset on what Paritosh did without asking to his parents and grandparents.

Here in the Shah house, the very first cooking (Pehli Rasoi) to be done by the new bride Kinjal but Leela is not ready to eat that. She denies.

Anupama also knows that Leela and Kinjal both are right on their situations. So she decide that the newly married couple will have to apologize her.

Rakhi welcomes Paritosh-Kinjal in her style

Anupama also knows that they hurt Rakhi and Pramod Dave with this, so she also requests Paritosh-Kinjal to say sorry to Rakhi.

She takes Toshu-Kinjal to Dave’s house to apologize Rakhi. They reached Dave’s house.

Rakhi Dave fumes in anger seeing Kinjal outside her house. Pramod requests his daughter and son-in-law to please come inside.

But here Rakhi creates a scene and orders them to do not enter in her house.

Anupama begs Rakhi to accept the apologies as Kinjal is her only daughter and they took this step when there was no other option.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Rakhi Dave will accept the apologies and accept her daughter and son-in-law or not.

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