Anupama: Rakhi's entry brings storm in Shah mansion

Anupama: Anupama gives Shah mansion to Rakhi Dave; Bapuji agrees

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is going to witness some major twist and turn in the upcoming episodes.

Anupamaa has bent down to Rakhi Dave’s feet to save Shah family from falling in the streets. Rakhi Dave pays off all the tax and loan of 40 lakhs but puts a condition.

Anupamaa informs Shahs that she has arranged for the money. Vanraj and Kavya becomes doubtful.

Meanwhile Rakhi Dave enters the Shah mansion, Anupamaa becomes restless as Rakhi may unfolds.

Rakhi-Anupama secret deal

While agreeing to Rakhi’s condition, Anupamaa has taken permission from Bapuji.

Rakhi Dave in return of 40 lakhs want Anupama’s share in Shah mansion.

How will other family members react to this?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

14 Replies to “Anupama: Anupama gives Shah mansion to Rakhi Dave; Bapuji agrees”

  1. A middle class family can not afford 40 lakh over a night , 20 lakh tax on a shut down factory is ridiculous & and some body just taken 20 lakh is all rubbish, bank can easily trace where the money has been transferred! What rubbish no body went to bank to file the report. Stupid Vanraj and uneducated children no one in the family went to complain.
    Tax people wants 20 lakh in month no instalment nothing .
    At least show some reality, why big lecture all the time , they need to show how to act of you are in this situation, well educate children don’t know how to handle the situation why not Toshu , kinju baby Samar Nandani taken the step to come forward and suggested their patent what to do and why not bank employees come forward
    It’s Really getting rubbish
    My girls are 13 and 16 and they exactly know how to handle the situation after loosing the money , which planet this family lives , seriously

  2. Anupama as a woman is not moving ahead in her life. She’s still stuck on with her dutiful role. Pl bring some positivity in her character as a woman. It’s getting monotonous. No more sacrifices pl

  3. Suggest producer to create scene of catching the fraudsters who cheated Anupama it will definitely help audiences to get a chance not to fall in their prey n how to get hold of them it shld b nicely framed in their acts.

  4. Anupama to chase the fraudsters, book them and put them behind bars. There are intermittent talks of her childhood buddy to come as her savior but when is it happen. Waiting the explosive explosion in shah house with rakhi, vanraj and kaviya. Anupama did what she had to, saved the family from being homeless, single handedly paid up the property tax and saved babuji’s karkhana..what did the spineless spunk vanraj have to offer besides wrapping himself in kavya’s pppppallluu

  5. Yes from the time show started she is one suffering and others everytime blam her for all the miss deeds… It’s kind of de-motivating the women’s…. instead makers should make track where anupama find the frauds and bring them in front of everyone and get the factory back…

    • And the message is…be rude…arrogant like rakho Dave.
      Be husband stealer and cunning like kavya.
      Be selfish and self centred like vanraj.
      And you will be blessed by kanhaji.
      Dare not be like hopeless Anupama.

  6. Rakhi in anupama serial is awful very irritating pl.change is needed and anupama she needs to close her mouth all the tiMe open mouth looks awful

  7. Pathetic drama. We wanted to see Anupama move on in her life here she’s getting into more troubles and facing wrath from family. When will you end troubles for Anupama and start a happy start for her. Why she has to suffer!!!!!! Anupama has full rights to be happy and focus on her career and life. If you are hell bent on keeping someone unhappy why not VANRAJ and KAVYA??????

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