Anupama: Rakhi Dave’s last warning to Paritosh, Pakhi, Samar

Star Plus’s top serial Anupama is up for new drama in the forthcoming story when Rakhi gives the last warning to Paritosh and others.

So far we have seen that Anupama Shah and family suffers from financial crunch where everybody starts sacrificing their need.

Anupama gets emotional seeing this and decide to take help from Devika to get a job.

On the other hand, Rakhi Dave is planning to create a new drama in Shah house when Kinjal goes to meet Paritosh.

Rakhi visits Shah house with an evil plan to insult Anupama and family.

Rakhi’s warning to Paritosh

As per her evil plan, Rakhi starts humiliating Anupama and other Shah members.

She also points that middle-class people befriend her sautan for money where Leela burst out in anger.

Later Rakhi also gives a last warning to Paritosh, Samar, and Pakhi to stay away from Kinjal or else she will have to call police.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Paritosh will leave Kinjal or he will take an unimaginable step to get her.

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