Anupama: Paritosh tags Anupamaa as Gold digger; Anuj loses his cool

Anupama: Paritosh tags Anupamaa as Gold digger; Anuj loses his cool

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Anupamaa and Anuj have a great time at the cafe while Vanraj, Kavya, Rakhi and Paritosh witness it.

Rakhi Dave taunts Vanraj for Anupamaa’s growing closeness with Anuj Kapadia.

Anuj asks Anupamaa to show him her dance academy as he want to explore the area for his further deal.

Meanwhile Paritosh stops Anuj and says he is thankful that he saved Samar but beyond that Anuj should not hop into their lives anytime.

Anuj decides to cancel the deal and he said he will make sure that no one buys their property.

Vanraj bows to Anupamaa

Later Paritosh tags Anupamaa as a gold digger as she is growing her friendship with Anuj because of his money.

But this is just Paritosh’s day dream and nothing much.

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

22 Replies to “Anupama: Paritosh tags Anupamaa as Gold digger; Anuj loses his cool”

  1. I really wish anuj is not for short time in the show I want him to help anupama know her potential so that she can shine out and also anuj and anu should get married to and give her the love and respect which she should get, and this paritosh and vanraj are so disgusting hate there character seriously why is vanraj so egoistic😖

  2. I’m so happy for Anupama at last there is some one who values her who priorities her and listen to her I hope Vanrag burns of jealousy and I hope Anupama finally gets the break she’s wanted that of freedom success and love and pliiiiz bring a miracle baby 😁😁this will be the icing in this cake Anuj deserve happiness and a complete family

  3. I must praise the scriptwriter of anupama as well as the director who always keep the episodes beyond the yardstick and makes the viewers to keep on thinking the whole day about what is going to happen next bt their is one drawback in this duration the time of the episode please extend the content …guyz aaj kal aisa lagta hai ki hum serial mai advertisement nhi dekhte advertisement mai serial dekhte hai kal hi ka episode dekh lo content kitna kam hota jaa raha as compared to previous episodes please do focus on content part..

  4. Y when a man (vanraj)can love n marry in tat age if a women do tat same its a mistake y ??? Bring anupama in anuj’s life … make them pair .. Even women hav rights to live her life …

  5. Anuj Kapadia super duper His acting is soooooooooooooo natural oh I m a big fan of him I wished I can meet him at least once.
    Anupama is also acted well.

    All the best.


  6. How dare paritosh tag anupma as a gold digger.? She stayed with his father for 25 years without any demands. Did anything and everything what they wanted her to do as an obedient wife and a mother. She was always available for them. And now when anu is doing something which pleases her, they are angry!! Limit cross rudeness. Vanraj cheated on her for 9 years and married that girl after divorcing anupma. Now that when someone is there who appreciated her, anupma is happy laughing with him, vanraj is angry and jealous again!! Disgusting

    • It’s because of such emotional strong reactions that serial is doing well. Common it’s a serial dont take it too seriously. In real life people are not as extreme as shown. Why do you think Paritosh and Rakhi Dave were required in the business deal? It was only to add masala. Who invited them for that meeting?

  7. I think now anupama needs to leave the house this people has taken granted. She should realise her identity and value, as she has already taken divorce why she wanted to stay their and take burden of everyone let them do it their own then only this people will understand

    • Point is not that …but she needs to live her life and they can all be her family … but a women cannot stay in same house where there is another wife already it’s a bit too much niceness…her husband is like have my cake and eat it too

  8. Paritosh is a very disrespectful ungrateful disguating individual who learned so well from vanraj. Anupama should get married to Anuj and leave the Shah house and all the servant work to everyone and live her life. Anupama time to start living stop existing for others who do not show or give any respect. Time to move on and grow, time to raise your head in life.

    • Anupama should leave the house n get married.she has been taken for granted everytime. It’s high time she should start living for herself

  9. This kavya rakhi n vanraj won’t live Anupama happily even paritosh also as they are jealous wat is there problem . Get them out these dirty people n mind from serial. This paritosh is very arrogant son as he is listening his mother in law words

  10. Gaurav as Anuj is excellent. Good choice though he looks younger than rupali.

    Anuj and kinjal charecterization are the best. Please keep it that way

    • I think they need to transform her and she can also look young and pretty… she deserves it and needs to be married if someone loves her so much… baa & bapuji needs to approve her marriage or make her agree as she is now their daughter with such a long life needs a good life partner fir herself

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