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Anupama: Paritosh scolds Vanraj, Bapuji’s shocking announcement

Star Plus’s serial Anupama is up for new drama in the upcoming storyline when Paritosh scolds his father Vanraj on what he did, Bapuji’s health get serious.

So far we have seen that Vanraj-Kavya’s extra-marital affair got exposed in front of Shah family.

Vanraj enters in Shah house but he is very much nervous. Leela slaps him and asks him why he broke her trust.

Here Vanraj gives a clarification that this is all because of Anupama. He don’t like her from the very beginning of his marriage life and put all blame on her.

On the other hand, Bapuji shouts at Vanraj and asks him to go away. Later Bapuji also makes shocking announcement that Vanraj will have to leave his house.

Leela and Vanraj gets shocked hearing this. Leela tries to talk with her husband to do not take such harsh decision as it will break entire family.

Vanraj plans to convince Paritosh

Later on, Vanraj tries to convince Paritosh but he gets very angry on his father.

Paritosh says that Rakhi Dave fork his and Kinjal’s engagement just because of his extra-marital affair.

Here Vanraj tries to give explanation to him but this time Paritosh is not ready to hear him and supports her mother.

Now it would be really interesting to see what will happen next in the coming episodes.

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One Reply to “Anupama: Paritosh scolds Vanraj, Bapuji’s shocking announcement”

  1. VANRAJ SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF THE HOUSE AS HE CHEATED HIS WIFE. Hats off to the director who made this story real touching. This incident happens to many people in this world. Everyday I see this serial dubai timings 10 pm to 10.30 pm without missing any episodes. I feel like crying. Inspite of having good wife n smart children. How Vanraj can do such things. Very interesting story. Anupama must get an award.
    Pls continue this story it is very interesting. Real things happen in many people life. Hats off to all the contestants all r working very hard.

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