Anupama: Pakhi-Vanraj forces Anupama to take blame of fire accident

Star Plus’s number 1 show Anupama is gearing up more and more twist day by day.

In the upcoming story of Anupama we will see that Vanraj will force Anupama to take the blame while Pakhi (Sweety) will forcefully take thumb impression.

So far we have seen that school principal visit Anupama’s house with a demand for Anupama to take the blame of this fire accident.

In return, principal promises to give 1 month paid leave as well as she will double her salary.

But as we know Anupama will never compromise with her dignity. She denies to accept this.

Pakhi takes Anupama’s sign on papers

Later on, we will see Vanraj gets an apology letter on which Anupama has to sign to accept this blame.

Vanraj force Anupama to accept this allegation to save her job as well as Pakhi’s career.

Pakhi finds this shocking truth and forcefully takes Anupama’s thumb impression on that Apology letter saying it will affect her future.

Anupama gets stunned seeing Pakhi’s behaviour and requests her to understand this matter.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Pakhi will submit this apology letter to the principal or Anupama will succeed to convince her daughter.

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