Anupama: Pakhi to live with Vanraj, left Anupama Shah’s house

Star Plus’s most popular serial Anupama is up for new twist in the upcoming story when Pakhi (Sweety) leaves Anupama Shah and live with Vanraj.

So far we have seen that Anupama had decided to give divorce to Vanraj Shah to free him from the fake relationship.

Vanraj was so confident that Anupama will not take this drastic step to give divorce.

But then, he gets a huge shocked when he receives a legal notice for divorce sent by Anupama.

He gets frustrated and confronts her when she gives tight replies to him that she is leaving him from this relation so that he can marry Kavya.

Anupama gets emotional seeing Pakhi, Vanraj is happy

On the other side, Leela Shah and other family members are also stunned post hearing this.

Pakhi also gets hell-shock and requests her father Vanraj to take her with him as she loves him very much.

Anupama gets emotional hearing Pakhi’s decision where Vanraj gets very happy as this is the first step of defeating Anupama.

Later Anupamaa says that she is very happy that Pakhi decided to live with Vanraj. She requests Pakhi to take care of her as well as Vanraj will fulfill all her wishes.

On the other hand, Kavya is unaware that Vanraj is bringing Pakhi with him.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Kavya will accept Pakhi or not. If yes, then will Pakhi learn a lesson seeing Kavya’s real behavior or not.

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5 Replies to “Anupama: Pakhi to live with Vanraj, left Anupama Shah’s house”

  1. A women who works round the clock to tend to the families needs do not get time for themselves. It is for her food and care that vanraj wants her. He is a typical mcp. His is mother like a lot of indian mothers my son can do no wrong. Why is it that only Anupama should do household jobs when her mil is on the swing ordering her about. I think it I time Anupama dumped this selfish family and took a stand for herself.

  2. Who the hell is he that Anupama should be well dressed for ? He treated her so badly at first but still she was so loving .
    You should love the person as he / she is .

  3. Anupama is intelligent and a good human being. She is doing the right thing with her life. Vanraj is a spineless and selfish fellow so undependable. Anupama is 12th class pass and ready to step up and manage her life. She should now try and keep her M-I-L in place and become very successful. Her friend should help her, that is what friends are for.

  4. Actually Anupama was wrong since start ,wife should welcome husband after proper dressing up when husband returns from office ,how Vanraj will tolerate a wife from whom bad smell of MASALA ,SPICES is comming

  5. Vanraj should be given a second chance and Anupama should trust him as he is genuinely repenting over his mistakes. Don’t show Anupama as a stubborn woman she can’t turn unrealistic overnight. Togetherness and Forgiveness gives a beautiful relationship a new incredible life

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